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AUDIO: Bramzwig- Locked Out

Shout out to Mario for sending this in. First time we hear of Bramzwig, but the brother clearly has them lyrical skills.

This is the first leak off Bramzwig’s debut mixtape The Roaring Twenty, which will be hosted by Mr. Peter Parker & Coast 2 Coast DJ’s. #TheRoaringTwenty drops THIS DECEMBER!

Bramzwig: Twitter


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ALBUM: Terracotta Blue — Takoma Park

[wpaudio url=”” text=”Terracotta Blue - Lightworks” dl=”0”]

[wpaudio url=”” text=”Terracotta Blue - Moonlight” dl=”0”]

Following the release of the lovely One Million Sunsets EP in August, Terracotta Blue is back with his first full-length album, the beautiful Takoma Park. Sometimes it is not very easy to describe an album or a track in terms of genre, as it is such a melting pot of different influences that choosing only one would not do it justice. In the producer’s, own words, “The sound is a little hard to categorize…I would simply describe it as being hiphop-oriented (my first love actually…and this album is unapologetically filled to the brim with samples!) with heavy splashes of chillwave, ambient, and synth-pop…”. As was the case with One Million Sunsets, hip-hop heads with an open mind will surely appreciate the project. It is definitely hip-hop based, as is clear with the drums and samples, but it goes further and explores different dimensions, creating unique and innovative music. This will probably be most appreciated late at night or curled up in bed on a rainy, windy day, where you mind is ready to embark on a journey to mysterious and distant lands.
The project is available on a “name your price” basis but support is of course welcome and highly recommended.


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MIXTAPE: Uptown Trizz (Y&C) - Tree Money

Uptown Trizz - Takin’ a Trip

Uptown Trizz - Cash Out

Uptown Trizz - Let The Musik Bump (feat. Leroy Fuego)

Uptown Trizz and the Young & Collective should not be overlooked at as they have been featured on The Word Is Bond…After the releasing of “Young GreenLeaf Musik”.. The Y&C have been up in the cut bubbling this new mixtape “Tree Money”…As it pertains to Uptown Trizz’s personal favorites and fillet’s old school and west coast and down south classic tracks…Indeed these tracks he picks go hard with that loud young sound…Don’t sleep and support the aritists…ghea much dap on this, took me back!!!


DOWNLOAD “Tree Money” ON Bandcamp CLICK HERE

Uptown Trizz: Twitter

Young & Collective: Twitter



AUDIO: JAZZO & MELODIESINFONIE - Pat Britt (Switzerland)


Yet another killer track by young Swizz Duo “Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie” this time  “Pat Britt ”, from their upcoming album “Astro Funk & Weltfrieden" wich drops November 18th.


JAZZO: Soundcloud


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VIDEO: Rashid Hadee — Night Train (feat The Primeridian)


What a great way to start the weekend! I just stumbled upon this video (err… I mean opened my inbox) and I had to share the goodness with you. Chicago-based MC/producer Rashid Hadee just released a brand-new video for Night Train, taken from his recent Leakage The PrEp, a great track featuring fellow Chicagoans Simeon Viltz and Racetac from The Primeridian. His verse is simply incredible and really blew me away. I may be a bit biased, considering my newly-found love for Chicago, but I find the visuals quite amazing and really appreciate the city by night approach. The video is courtesy of Dave Galaxie aka Thaione Davis, another very talented and multi-tasking Chicago-based artist who adds the necessary magic to make this video a work of art. Once again, images and lyrics match perfectly and it is always a pleasure for me to witness such a beautiful combination. As if I was not already dying to go back to the Windy City…


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NEWS: Word Is Bond Merch - Store Will Open Monday 28th

Peace ya’ll…

For months now, we’ve been working behind closed doors on WIB merch. We figured it’s the best way for people to show love for what we doing whilst at the same time supporting the up keeping of the  website, which is much needed at this point as the costs are raising rapidly.

With this being said,we understand, that if you going to buy new clothing, not only does it need to be stylish but needs to be of the highest quality. And this is where we’ve spend the most time, finding the right designs, the right material and the right printing house…we have approached this,  from the stand point of “If I was a first time reader would I be interested?!"…and we believe we’ve cracked it.

We are almost ready, just finilizing the store and pricing. We  will open on the 28th of November, (next monday)…the merch released will be limited edition. You will know more details on the day of release…but make sure you keep an eye out so you don’t miss out.

Please spread the word about this, as far and wide as possible. We need everyone’s support on this new venture. So please feel free to Tweet, Retweet, Facebook Like, Post or Re-Like…your help will be greatly appreciated.

The whole team is really excited and mad proud, and we can wait to show you all, what we have in store.

This is part of our 2nd year Anniversary celebration, which starts on the 26th.

Mark your calendars for the 28th and hope to see you in our Shop.

Until Monday…Stay blessed.

•The Word Is Bond Team•


VIDEO: Grand Central — Once again


London’s very own Grand Central (K.I.N.E.T.I.K. & Mr. Drastik) are back with more visuals, presenting a very interesting and original video for Once Again, taken from their upcoming mixtape entitled God Love Grinders Vol.2. The project will come out early 2012 and in the meantime we can enjoy this great track and video. What I find quite unique with Grand Central is that while they are clearly hip-hop, they are not afraid to go against stereotypes, such as MCs must dress like this or act like that, which is clearly shown here. You can see them enjoy a nice meal in a beautiful restaurant and whether or not this is actually part of their real life, it gives a positive and unexpected image of hip-hop. The lyrics are of course on point as well, which is always the case with the two MCs. Stay tuned for more from the very talented UK artists.

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FREENESS: Deft - Before Vol. 1 (UK)

Deft - A Smile Is

Deft - Too Close

Deft - Adventure Time (Quest)

I met Deft when the W.A.T. booked me to play a gig in Brighton during the summer (Shout outs to the whole crew). Everybody was telling me this guy was one of the illest producers in the area and I should check him out. Now it’s my turn to get some more people to pay attention to this cat. This a beautiful instrumental project from Deft and is definitely not your standard boom bap rhythms but still has some what of a Hip Hop feel to it. This one is definitely an essential download and has been on heavy rotation in my whip.


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FREENESS: Yungun - Jack The World (UK)

Yungun ft. Doc Brown & Tony D - Roll With The Punches

Yungun ft. Guru- Too Slick

Yungun - Battles

Yungun is back! The UK MC who is 2 albums deep and has been a name to to be recognised for a good few years, brings us a new project. This is a true mixtape, as former Scratch Pervert, Mr Thing blends the whole project together and provides the cuts throughout. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while and I’m not disappointed. Yungun is still as nice on the mic and the selection of beats is on point. There are guest slots from Guru (R.I.P.), Doc Brown and Tony D plus production from Waajeed, Mr Thing and more.


Yungun // Twitter // Facebook

Mr Thing // Twitter // Facebook


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FREENESS: DJ Bombay - See It’s OK

DJ Bombay - Check Check

DJ Bombay - Bills To Pay


Nice instrumental release from DJ Bombay. As well as making beats, Bombay has been the tour DJ for many dope acts including Ohmega Watts and Oh No.

DJ Bombay // Twitter // Facebook